Honoring Black History Month - Bishop Dwight Amey

I want to take this opportunity during Black History Month to remember some of our local leaders who are no longer with us but have left us a legacy of commitment, leadership, faith, tolerance and courage.

Bishop Dwight Amey

Bishop Dwight Amey served as Pastor of New Faith Tabernacle Christian Church of Merced for 36 years. He was a leader in the civil rights movement locally and played a key role in the movement to rename J Street in downtown Merced in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and organizing the first march on Dr. King’s birthday, which is hosted annually by the Martin Luther King, Jr. committee to this day. I was fortunate as a young man to work with Reverend Amey on this effort.

Dwight was a dedicated to community service in numerous roles and will be remembered for his role in bringing diverse parts of the community together by preaching and teaching unity. He understood the challenges of African Americans; but was also committed to serving the needs of the entire community, and he leaves us a legacy of community service, tolerance, commitment to human rights, and the courage to stand by those values.

-Adam Gray