Stanislaus County Projects Receive Major Allocations from SB1 Funds Acquired by Asm. Gray

From a StanCOG Press Release:

California Transportation Commission Commits $2.7 Billion To Safety, Congestion, and Freight Improvements 

State Route 132 Receives $21 Million

Fulkerth Interchange Receives $3,009,000

The California Transportation Commission (Commission) approved $2.7 billion in funding for 61 transportation projects Wednesday that will increase safety, decrease congestion, and move goods more efficiently throughout the state. 

The Commission approved funding for three competitive programs created by the Road Repair and Accountability Act (SB 1): the Local Partnership Program, the Solutions for Congested Corridors Program, and the Trade Corridor Enhancement Program. The amount of money requested far outweighed what was available for this first round of funding. 

“Before SB 1, California’s transportation infrastructure was crumbling faster than we could maintain, repair, or replace it,” says Commission Chair Fran Inman. “The intense competition for these programs is proof that the gas tax increase is very much needed.” 

In total, local and state agencies submitted more than 150 project applications requesting more than $5 billion dollars. The total available for the first round of funding is about $2.7 billion. 

“It’s important to think about this funding as a river, not a pond,” explains Commissioner Paul Van Konynenburg. “By increasing the gas tax, SB 1 provides a steady, ongoing source of revenue for the next decade and beyond, so there will continue to be funding for much-needed projects.” 

“There is such a great need for transportation improvements in California that narrowing down the final lists of projects to fund wasn’t easy,” says Executive Director Susan Bransen. 
“Thankfully, SB 1 provides ongoing resources, and agencies whose projects could not be funded this time are encouraged to apply for money during the next round of funding.” 

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