Saturday, April 13, 2019

Free Tax Assistance

Filing taxes can be extremely frustrating. With tax day right around the corner, United Way Merced and the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program are offering FREE help filing your taxes! IRS-certified volunteers are available to help navigate the difficult process for FREE – no strings attached! This program is available to all taxpayers who make less than $54,000 per year, those with disabilities, or those with limited English-language proficiency. Taxpayers need only fit one of those criteria. Please join the United Way Merced and VITA on: 

Saturday, April 6th and April 13th
United Way Merced
8:00am – 3:00pm


  1. Photo ID and Social Security Card (if married, both spouses must be present)
  2. If claiming dependents – Social Security Card for all dependents claimed on your taxes
  3. All tax documents, such as: W-2, 1099 R, any self-employment or unemployment information, etc.
  4. If applicable, any child care information, including name and address, telephone number, tax-ID number, and amount paid (there may be free money for you here!)
  5. If you own a home, your mortgage documents; if you rent, a copy of your lease indicating your rent
  6. Direct deposit information (bank account routing and account numbers).
  7. Any receipts from charitable contributions or medical expenses – there might be free money for you here, also!

If you are unable to make these workshops and would like information about other workshops in your area, please reach out for additional information.