Rita F. Silva: Watchdog group doesn’t represent us, we give Adam Gray an A+ - Modesto Bee

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Re “Watchdog group gives Gray an ‘F,’ but that may not be bad” (Page 3A, May 9): I would like to thank Jeff Jardine for the article on Adam Gray. I am one of many Republicans who voted for Assemblyman Gray and will continue to do so. He works for all of his constituents, not just his party. I do not agree with his vote on the gas tax hike, but I do not expect to like everything that he does. We are retired dairy farmers and feel that he is looking out for the farmers and dairymen in his district and I appreciate that. If the far left groups like the People's Report Card of California don't approve of him, then that tells me that he must be doing something right and I give him an A+ on my report card. No politician should represent their party, they should represent the people who elected them and that is what Adam Gray does.

Rita F. Silva, Los Banos