Assemblymember Gray’s Statement on 2021-22 Budget Proposal

For immediate release:

(Sacramento) – Assemblymember Adam C. Gray (D-Merced) released the following statement in response to Governor Newsom’s 2021 State Budget proposal:


“The State Budget is an expression of California’s priorities. While there is plenty of detail left to be worked out, Governor Newsom continues to make good on his promise to keep the San Joaquin Valley a priority.

“Last year, the Governor made a commitment to permanently fund a new UC medical school in the Valley. True to his word, the budget maintains funding for our medical school, and we remain on track to enroll our first class of future Valley doctors in 2023. As we continue to struggle with 0% ICU capacity in no small part because of our doctor and nursing shortage, this is a truly transformational and long-overdue investment in the health and wellbeing of everyone who calls the Valley home.

“The Valley also has a disproportionate number of people enrolled in Medi-Cal and elevated rates of diabetes impacting our most vulnerable communities. I have fought for years to expand Medi-Cal to cover continuous glucose monitors. It’s a common-sense reform that 40 other states, Medicare, and every commercial health plan in the state have already adopted. More than 20 other legislators joined me last month in urging the Governor to make this happen in the budget after revelations that over one-third of COVID-19 deaths are linked to patients with diabetes. Today, the Governor took decisive action to provide Medi-Cal patients with diabetes the same standard of care as everyone else. This cannot be overstated; chronic illness and premature death will be prevented because of this reform.

“Finally, I was glad to hear the Governor rebuke those who have called for tax increases to make up for a budget deficit that simply has not materialized. Increasing taxes during a global pandemic and economic recession is moronic. We should be looking for opportunities to lower taxes as families continue to struggle to make ends meet. I hope Congress was paying attention to the Governor’s comments as well. Tax increases are off the table.”

UC Merced Chancellor Dr. Juan Sánchez Muñoz applauded the Governor and Assemblymember Gray for their ongoing commitment to address the Valley’s longstanding shortage of health care providers:

“This pandemic has made clarion clear the importance of the state’s continued investment in bringing reliable access to health care to its most underserved regions. UC Merced’s collaboration with UCSF Fresno is critical to building a pipeline of physicians for the region who come from the communities they will serve. We are grateful to the Governor for his ongoing commitment and to Assemblymember Gray for his steadfast dedication to keeping UC Merced’s medical education aspirations and the San Joaquin Valley front and center in Sacramento.”