Assemblymember Gray Wants Voters to Have a Choice at the Presidential Primary Polls

(Sacramento) – When California voters go to the polls during a presidential primary election, they may be prevented from voting for the candidate of their choice.  This is because political parties choose who gets to vote for each party’s candidates.  California State Assemblymember Adam Gray (D-Merced) wants to stop this disenfranchisement.  That’s why Assemblymember Gray announced the introduction of Assembly Constitutional Amendment 13 at a press conference at the State Capitol.  ACA 13 would ensure that voters, regardless of political party affiliation, would be allowed to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice by placing every presidential candidate on every primary ballot.  ACA 13 would still allow political parties to choose their nominee based on the votes of their members.  “If political parties want to write the rules, then they should pay for the primary elections themselves instead of asking taxpayers to foot the bill,” said Assemblymember Gray. Watch this Assembly Access Video to hear Assemblymember Gray’s comments from the press conference.