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New Session, New Bills

As the State Legislature reconvened for a new session on January 3, 2024, the challenges ahead are substantial, but so is our commitment to addressing the diverse issues facing all Californians.

The State Budget will demand much attention as I and my colleagues work to approve a balanced budget while managing a revenue shortfall. My focus remains on safeguarding the most vulnerable Californians as we allocate resources prudently.

In the fall, I was honored to be named Chair of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife by Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas, where I'll continue to lead on and shape policies on scarce water resources, flood control investments, wildfire prevention efforts, and the preservation of our natural treasures. I am eager to contribute to the sustainable management of these vital elements now and for future generations.

As my legislative package has come together, I've highlighted a few of those bills in this newsletter. Be sure to also check out what's been going on in the district and in the news.

If you are experiencing challenges or problems with a state agency; want to know more about state programs or services; or want to voice your opinion about pending state legislation, feel free to reach out to my office. I look forward to hearing from you. And you can always check out what I'm up to on X (aka Twitter) at @AsmDianePapan or Instagram @asmdianepapan


Diane Papan Signature

Diane Papan
Assemblymember, 21st District

In The District

Women's Power Breakfast

On March 1, I hosted the inaugural Women's Power Breakfast to help kick off Women's History Month. With over 80 dynamic women in attendance, the event provided a platform for cross-sector networking, mutual inspiration and empowerment.

For the event, I assembled a panel of accomplished women leaders who are impacting San Mateo County and beyond and provided them a venue to tell the story of their leadership journeys for those in attendance and share the wisdom of their experiences.

The event was a great success and I intend to continue to host this event annually moving forward.

Sup. Stefani, Dir. Zortman, Councilmember Gauthier and Asm. Papan
Pictured Left to Right: County Supervisor Catherine Stefani, Redwood City Port Executive Director Kristine Zortman, and East Palo Alto Councilmember and Silicon Valley leadership Group Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Lisa Gauthier being interviewed by Assemblymember Papan.

Assembly District 21 Woman of the Year for 2024

This year, I am pleased to honor San Mateo resident Nicole Fernandez as the 21st Assembly District Woman of the Year. To mark Women's History Month, each member of the California Legislature elevates a woman for her outstanding achievements and contributions in their district.

Nicole is a dynamic, results-driven, exceptional public servant and leader who has dedicated her talents and skills to serving the community for over 20 years.

In addition to her public service, Nicole serves on the Board of Directors for Samaritan House—the largest anti-poverty nonprofit in San Mateo County. Fernandez is also a past member and chair of the City of San Mateo's Community Relations Commission.

Nicole Fernandez receiving an award from Asm. Papan
Pictured Left to Right: Nicole Fernandez receiving a state resolution recognizing her achievements from Assemblymember Diane Papan.

San Mateo County School Boards Association

In February, I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel of legislators representing the Peninsula to discuss issues of great importance to local school board members, including funding for transitional kindergarten, student-teacher ratios, options for state funding for facility upgrades, and recruiting and retaining qualified staff among many topics. Engaging with and maintaining a dialogue with local partners is essential to responding to ongoing and emerging needs in our schools and I appreciate the opportunity to do so.

Group photo of Asm. Papan and others
Pictured Left to Right: San Bruno Park Elementary School District Trustee Jennifer Blanco, San Mateo County Board of Education President Chelsea Bonini, South San Francisco Unified School District Trustee Patricia Murray, Santa Clara Supervisor Joe Simitian, Assemblymember Diane Papan, San Mateo Union High School District Trustee Greg Land, San Mateo County Board of Education Trustee Hector Camacho, San Mateo Union High School District Trustee Teri Chavez, San Bruno Park Elementary School District Board President Raymond Giusti, and San Mateo County Board of Education Trustee Beverly Gerard.

Legislative Update

The State Legislature reconvened on January 3, 2024, and since then, I have introduced several new bills to address some of the challenges we face here in California.

These bills include:

AB 2515, the T.A.M.P.O.N. Act, which will limit the unnecessary adverse health impacts PFAS – toxic forever chemicals -- have on women, girls, and people who use menstrual products. The bill will establish a practical maximum contamination threshold of PFAS at 10ppm for all menstrual products by 2027.

AB 2842 will prohibit the resale of confiscated firearms and firearms obtained through buyback programs. The legislation will close a loophole that is contributing to the availability of ghost guns nationally.

AB 2123 will remove unnecessary barriers for individuals seeking to access their paid family benefits. These changes will allow individuals to take care of their loved ones without first having to sacrifice two weeks of precious earned vacation time.

AB 1798, the S.A.L.M.O.N Act, will require the Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to develop and implement a regional strategy to eliminate 6PPD – a toxic chemical largely derived from tires -- from its storm water discharges into certain salmon and steelhead trout bearing surface waters of the state.

Another bill on which I am a co-author is AB 1567, a potential climate resiliency bond that, if passed by the Legislature, will appear on the November 2024 General Election Ballot. Along with Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella), I am co-authoring this bill to address the top concerns of many Californians. AB 1567 will enact the Safe Drinking Water, Wildfire Prevention, Drought Preparation, Flood Protection, Extreme Heat Mitigation, Clean Energy, and Workforce Development Bond Act of 2024. There remains a great deal of work in developing priorities for these investments but that work is now underway.

In the News

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San Mateo Daily Journal: $16B San Mateo County climate bond in works
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