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Audit of Broken State Water Forecasts Approved

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Adam Gray (D-Merced) announced the Joint Legislative Audit Committee has approved his request to audit California’s water operations.

New Law Enhances Penalties for Water Theft

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Adam Gray (D-Merced) announced today that his bill to strengthen penalties for water theft has been signed into law by Governor Newsom.

Citing crime sprees, 3 Valley sheriffs, state lawmaker say early prison releases must end

Early release of convicted criminals from the California state prison system should be the exception, not the expectation and certainly not the norm.

Unfortunately, too many of California’s policymakers — perhaps laboring under the misconception that having fewer people in prison best serves taxpayers — have embraced a philosophy that is returning violent criminals to our streets. Instead of saving taxpayers’ money, it is costing lives and putting enormous stress on law enforcement.

Gray’s Bill Combatting Theft of Catalytic Converters Advances

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Adam Gray’s (D-Merced) bill to combat skyrocketing rates of catalytic converter theft has cleared its first legislative hurdle. The Assembly Transportation Committee approved Gray’s bill, AB 2682, on Monday with support coming from both Democrats and Republicans.

Helping farmers fight unnecessary regulations, bureaucracy

In my Assembly District, which covers the western half of Stanislaus County and all of Merced, there were roughly 545 dairy farms last year. Now there is at least 1 less.

A friend recently told me he had gotten rid of all his cows.

As I look at what’s happening across our state and in Sacramento, I wonder how many other farmers will soon make the same choice.