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Citing crime sprees, 3 Valley sheriffs, state lawmaker say early prison releases must end

Early release of convicted criminals from the California state prison system should be the exception, not the expectation and certainly not the norm.

Unfortunately, too many of California’s policymakers — perhaps laboring under the misconception that having fewer people in prison best serves taxpayers — have embraced a philosophy that is returning violent criminals to our streets. Instead of saving taxpayers’ money, it is costing lives and putting enormous stress on law enforcement.

Gray’s Bill Combatting Theft of Catalytic Converters Advances

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Adam Gray’s (D-Merced) bill to combat skyrocketing rates of catalytic converter theft has cleared its first legislative hurdle. The Assembly Transportation Committee approved Gray’s bill, AB 2682, on Monday with support coming from both Democrats and Republicans.

North Valley assemblyman Gray questions CA Natural Resource secretary Crowfoot’s water usage plan, “It’s robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

A group of congressional republicans issued a letter to President Biden and governor Gavin Newsom this week urging their administrations to issue emergency declaration following the massive rainstorm. The letter urged them to issue emergency declarations and direct relevant federal and state agencies to temporarily waive all impediments that limit operations of the Delta pumps to ensure none of these storm flows go to waste. North Valley assemblyman and democrat Adam Gray agrees more needs to be done on the state and federal levels to store water.

Newsom gives two thumbs up for UC Merced medical facility

Gov. Gavin Newsom visited UC Merced this week to personally tell UC officials, local elected leaders, community members, and of course students, that the State of California will support the building of a new, on-campus medical education building for the university.

State’s decision to end water talks a slap in the face to Modesto-area residents

California state bureaucrats who dropped a bomb on our region by quitting water negotiations ought to be ashamed.

A few days ago, two of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s top appointed officials sent notice that they’re done talking about how much water in the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers we might be willing to part with. Instead, they plan to just take what they want.