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Papan Bill to Regulate Peer to Peer Car Rental Services

Assembly Bill 893 Approved by Assembly Committee on the Judiciary

SAN MATEO – Today, Assembly Bill 893, a bill to require peer to peer car rental companies to adhere to requirements related to airport operations, the collection of fees on rental transactions and the collection of the state tourism assessment fee.

Papan Bill to Direct Water Polluter Penalties to Impacted Communities

Assembly Bill 753 Approved by Assembly Committee…

SAN MATEO – Today, Assembly Bill 753, a bill to ensure impacted communities receive pollution remediation investment from state water boards and introduced by Assemblymember Diane Papan (D-San Mateo), was approved by the Assembly Committee on a vote of 9-0.

Diane Papan Sworn in as Assemblymember for District 21

SACRAMENTO, CA - Diane Papan was sworn in as the Assemblymember for District 21 today in the State Capitol. The newly elected Assemblymember will be representing the region encompassing the eastern Peninsula.