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State Assembly Approves Papan Bill to Protect Water Consumers

For immediate release:

Sacramento, CA – Yesterday, the State Assembly approved legislation authored by Assemblymember Diane Papan, Assembly Bill (AB) 1827, also known as the Low-Water User Protection Act, to protect water consumers. This critical legislation ensures that water rates remain fair and proportional for all water users by addressing the growing need to protect low-water users from bearing the financial burden of higher water usage costs.

Water infrastructure costs related to sourcing, distribution and treatment systems are a significant driver of water rates and require regular maintenance and capacity expansion if demand increases. The necessity for such investments are not necessarily proportional to usage, however. Assembly Bill 1827 affirms that water suppliers can factor such costs in developing rate structures so that low-water users are not unfairly penalized.

"With the passage of AB 1827, we are taking a significant step to ensure that all Californians are treated fairly when it comes to water rates," added Assemblymember Papan. "This bill upholds the principles of Proposition 218 and supports the sustainability of our water resources."

AB 1827 reaffirms that water suppliers can use reasonable and well-accepted methods to allocate costs, ensuring that high-water users pay proportionately more for the additional strain they place on water systems. This protects low-water users from bearing the financial burden of expanded water infrastructure and supply costs.