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Assemblymember Diane Papan Introduces Assembly Concurrent Resolution 208 to Recognize June 10-16 as California State Parks Week

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AD21 Papan Non-profit of the Year

Sacramento, CA – Assemblymember Diane Papan proudly announced today the introduction of Assembly Concurrent Resolution 222 recognizing June 10-16, 2024 as California State Parks Week. This resolution celebrates the rich diversity of California's State Park System and honor the individuals who visit and safeguard these cherished natural resources.

"California's State Parks are not just natural and cultural treasures, they are vital sanctuaries that nourish our souls and foster a sense of community," said Assemblymember Papan. "By designating a week to celebrate these remarkable spaces, we reaffirm our commitment to preserving and promoting access to the outdoors for all Californians."

California maintains 280 state park units to preserve and protect the state’s natural and cultural history. State Parks range from the small to the monumental, from desert, to mountain, to beach and forest offering a nearly endless range of opportunities and for experiences in the natural world. State Parks Week programs offered through the State Parks Department and many nonprofit partners will feature special community events and a blend of in-person and virtual programming for all Californians to explore new adventures and deepen their appreciation for these natural wonders. Visit the State Parks Week website for a list of events here.

"State parks serve as vital sanctuaries where individuals from all walks of life can find solace, inspiration, and renewal," said Assemblymember Papan. "By celebrating California State Parks Week, we honor the intrinsic value of these spaces in enhancing our collective well-being."

The annual event underscores the significance of inclusion and access, emphasizing that state parks are for everyone to enjoy in their own unique way. Additionally, it highlights the pivotal role of partnerships in sustaining and enriching these outdoor experiences.

To coincide with California State Parks Week, individuals are encouraged to explore the diverse opportunities available in their local state parks. A variety of annual State Parks passes are also available online providing access to a year's worth of outdoor adventures. To purchase passes and discover more about California State Parks, visit here.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 222 signifies a collective commitment to safeguarding California's natural heritage and ensuring that these pristine landscapes remain accessible for generations to come.